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Retirement Security

We all want to know that, after a long career of hard work, we can retire with dignity, with the knowledge we won’t have to face poverty. Attaining a comfortable retirement is getting farther out of reach, though. Declining wages and high costs for health care and housing make it harder to save. And vital programs for seniors like Social Security and Medicare are under attack by politicians who would slash or privatize them.

There are three key ingredients to security in retirement: personal savings, pensions through your job and Social Security. We need to make sure everyone has a chance at all three.

The financial crisis devastated home values and retirement savings and destroyed jobs, putting retirement out of reach for millions. Corporate corruption drained pension accounts, and many companies are looking for ways to break promises they made to their retirees. And fewer and fewer jobs are offering guaranteed pensions. Even with all these pressures, many politicians still are looking for ways to privatize Social Security, the only guaranteed source of income for millions of seniors.

The hope for a secure retirement for our parents, ourselves and our kids is something we all share—and Working America is committed to protecting it.