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As a member of Working America, you have access to special membership benefits through our association with the AFL-CIO and Union Plus. 

From free legal advice, credit counseling and prescription savings to discounts on everyday products and services such as wireless service, car repairs and movie tickets, we offer a wide menu of programs to help Working America members and their families get the most out of their money.

Here are just a few of these Union Plus benefits:

Working America Credit Card

Three great credit card choices - both designed for Working America members through our partners at Union Plus. Two cards earn unlimited 1.5% cash back and one card has a low intro APR for 15 months. All three cards come with U.S.-based customer service and exclusive hardship benefits for eligible cardholders. These credit cards are the only ones good enough to carry the Working America name. Compare cards here.

Working America Health Care

Together with our partners, Working America wants to help you find good, affordable health care plans. Find out more now.

Dental and Vision Savings

Helps cut out-of-pocket costs on prescriptions, dental, vision, hearing, physician and hospital care for the whole family. For more information or to access this program, please call 1-877-570-4845 or click here.

More Membership Benefits

For a complete menu of money-saving discounts and benefits through Union Plus, visit Working America's page on the Union Plus website.