Health Care

Quality, affordable health care and health-friendly public policies for all.

Why it matters for all of us

What happens when you or someone in your family gets sick? The Affordable Care Act got rid of preexisting conditions as a barrier to coverage, provided ways to cover our children until they turn 26, and extended affordable coverage to more people.

But too many of us still can’t find, or afford, the care we need for our kids, our elders or ourselves. And in this changing economy, too many of us don’t have paid sick days or paid family leave on the job.

That’s why Working America has a long history of fighting for the right to quality, affordable health care, and winning the health policies we all need to take care of our families and ourselves.

What we’ve done

Working America members helped win access to health insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act for 20 million more Americans — regardless of preexisting conditions. But that was just the beginning.

Since then, we’ve taken action to expand Medicaid in states where some politicians refuse to help their constituents most in need. In Pennsylvania, we won new Medicaid subsidies for 500,000 low-wage people, and we’re taking that fight to North Carolina, Georgia and Florida as well.

Every day we talk with members about their health care options through Working America Health Care, and we unite members to fight for paid sick leave and paid family leave in their states and communities.

We won paid sick days for 908,000 people in Massachusetts, and for hundreds of thousands more in Minneapolis; Seattle; and Portland, Oregon. Now we’re taking on the issue for city workers in Greensboro, North Carolina, and are poised for a win in Washington state.

Where we’re headed

Every time we win a sick leave, Medicaid or other health care campaign, whether in a city or in a state, we increase the momentum for victories in other places. Your community could be next!

The Affordable Care Act was an important first step, but there’s lots we still need to do. To move forward, we need a public health plan option that allows people of all ages to buy into the equivalent of Medicare — and to allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug costs.

Other industrial countries have shown that some version of “Medicare for All” is the most cost-effective, fairest method of ensuring universal quality health coverage. We won’t stop until quality, affordable health care and health-friendly leave policies are the norm for everyone.



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