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About Us

Working America unites working people who don’t have a union on the job. With more than 4 million members in urban and suburban communities, we work together for good jobs, a fair economy and a democracy that represents all of us.

Founded in 2003, Working America, the community affiliate of the AFL-CIO, makes sure that the priorities of working people, their families and communities are heard from our state houses to the White House, from our city councils and school boards to the halls of Congress.

Across the country, from Florida to Ohio, and Pennsylvania to Texas, we’ve taken action against the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal.  In just the past two years, we’ve fought for the rights of workers by opposing Right to Work (for less) in Missouri, New Mexico, Kentucky and West Virginia.

We’ve elected fair-minded State Supreme Court justices and expanded Medicaid in Pennsylvania, and helped lead the fight for properly funded, quality public education in Ohio and in Houston, Texas.

And across the country, we help working people hold elected officials, tax-dodging corporations and Wall Street accountable for their actions, demanding that they prioritize our concerns.

There’s a lot to be done. The more we grow, the more we can do together. Join us! 

We conduct large-scale listening projects in key states across the country. Our Front Porch Focus Group reports are the result of thousands of conversations with voters, where we ask about everything from how they voted in 2016 to how they feel about the economic future of their community. Thanks to our unique blend of data analysis and anecdotes from in-person conversations, these reports offer the breadth of polling alongside the depth of a focus group. Read our Front Porch Focus Group reports here.