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Working America Volunteer Program

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We are the community affiliate of the AFL-CIO, with over 4 million members who do not have the benefit of a union on the job. We connect with working-class voters year-round on their doorsteps, on social media, by phone, and through letters focused on kitchen table issues. We deepen these connections by signing people up as members, providing good information that breaks through the noise of traditional political ads and outreach, engaging members to mobilize their friends, and serving as a trusted messenger when it comes to policy changes and elections. Our engagement with members also takes the form of connecting people with critical services to offset the cost of things like utility bills. These programs provide folks with monetary assistance and form the basis for continued conversations about the necessity of shifting the political and policy narrative toward the needs of working people.

Volunteering with Working America means that you are participating in programs that aim to transform the political and policy landscape by mobilizing Working America members through personalized outreach. Our tactics are rigorously tested and are continually informed by our year-round organizing and member conversations.

We will be announcing programs for the year soon and will continue to update this page with the most current volunteer opportunities as they become available. We are excited to hit the ground running this year and are looking forward to providing meaningful ways for volunteers to engage with our mission. Stay tuned for updates!

In solidarity,
Working America Volunteer Team