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Quality Education

As we go door to door, we find the biggest thing on everyone’s minds is not “what’s going to happen to me?” but “what’s going to happen to my kids?” That’s what people care about the most—and we all get that our kids can’t succeed without a great education.

America’s kids should be able to get a quality education. It’s not just the right thing to do for children—it’s absolutely essential to a strong economy in years to come. Working America is committed to supporting first-class education in safe, up-to-date schools.

Supporting our schools creates jobs, and good schools are at the heart of strong communities. When politicians try to roll back teachers’ rights and send education dollars away from our public schools, we can and should speak up.

We believe in;

  • Helping our kids achieve high standards;
  • Supporting our teachers by making sure they get good pay and training;
  • Making sure our districts have enough teachers to keep class sizes manageable;
  • Making higher education affordable and easing the burden of student debt;
  • Investing in building world-class school facilities; and
  • Preventing public education dollars from getting diverted into voucher schemes.

Parents, teachers and states all have an interest in better schools, and they all have an important role to play. It’s an issue that really matters to us.