Retirement Security
Retirement with dignity and a safety net.

What it means for all of us

After a lifetime of work, we should be able to retire with dignity and a sense of economic security. But the idea of retirement is now out of reach for many of us. That’s why Working America takes on issues like pension reform as part of good employment practices and fiercely fights to defend Social Security and Medicare and make them even stronger.

As seniors, we deserve to retire with personal savings, pensions, Medicare and Social Security on our side. We rely on these resources to pay for our groceries, rent, prescription drugs and more. None of us should be forced into an impoverished old age.

What we’ve done and where we’re headed

Despite many threats, attacks and schemes, we have, so far, managed to save Social Security and Medicare from the financial profiteers. But the threat of privatization just won’t go away. Think about how Wall Street and the financial marketeers manipulated and destabilized our economy. We can’t afford to have them destroy the health and income safety nets of older Americans.

That’s why we take on employers who walk away from their employee pension obligations and companies that exploit tax loopholes and stash their profits overseas.

The insecure job market and lack of retirement plans make Social Security and Medicare more important than ever. Many seniors, especially women, are one shock away from poverty. Working America is determined to pass policies that keep our safety net strong, and to call out the politicians who try to slash Social Security or Medicare.

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