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Working America, the community affiliate of the AFL-CIO, unites working people who don't have a union on the job. With 3.5 million members in urban and suburban communities, we work together for good jobs, a fair economy and a democracy that represents all of us.

Learn organizing techniques from some of the best minds in the country and mobilize Working America members and working people to take action on some of the most crucial issues of our day: health care, education, good jobs and more! Enjoy opportunities for development and rapid advancement with Working America’s field team!

At Working America, we're committed to keeping our community whole, we want to make sure you have info/resources on unemployment benefits! 1 in 4 Americans have experienced job loss during the pandemic. Check out our unemployment resource webpage at

We’re looking for organizers to help us empower communities! Please answer the questions below to see if you qualify for an interview.

Health (required): Working America is implementing COVID-19 mitigation protocols to keep our employees and the community safe. We will require everyone to be tested for COVID-19 and will provide protective gear and training to ensure success and safety. All health information shall be maintained as confidential.

A negative COVID-19 test result is required before employment with Working America can begin. Working America will be responsible for covering the costs of COVID tests for all staff. Are you willing to take the required COVID-19 test?

You will be required to wear a face covering (provided to you) at all times during your shift in order to be able to fulfill the obligations of the job in a safe manner. Are you willing and able to wear a face covering throughout your shift?

Issues (required): Working America fights for issues that impact working families. We believe everyone should have access to good jobs, healthcare, a quality education, a secure retirement, and workplace rights. We are going to work tirelessly this fall to help elect politicians who will fight for us on these issues.

You would be required to take an active role on these positions. Would you be able to communicate about these issues and on Working America's position on the issues, which may or may not be consistent with your personal views?

Schedule (required): Working America organizers typically work a 40 hour work week. The schedule is typically 10:00am - 6:30pm and we may have shifts available 7 days a week. Can you commit to 40 hours a week?

Job Duties: The job for which you are applying is physically demanding. It involves walking and standing for 4½ to 5 hours per day, including hills and stairs, and handling equipment (such as iPads or flashlight) in various weather conditions. Are you able to perform these functions?

Leadership (optional): Working America is looking for people with leadership potential to help us run the largest program in our organization’s history. If you are interested in advancement, please describe any experience you may have canvassing, organizing, or fundraising. You may also share any other experience that demonstrates your leadership potential.