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Make a Difference

Working America is the community affiliate of the AFL-CIO.

For us, every conversation starts with an important question: “What’s important to you?”

That question drives our work every day when our professional field team knocks on doors in working-class neighborhoods. We’re there to listen to the concerns of voters of all backgrounds — Democrats, Republicans and independents alike. We engage and then look for common ground and ways to introduce new information they may not get elsewhere.

This election year, Working America is on the ground in 12 states, aiming to talk to more than 200,000 voters and make a difference not only in the November elections, but in the way that voters experience and engage with politics and elected leaders.

As part of the labor movement, we combine the union tradition of relationship-based, door-to-door organizing with rigorous clinical analytics to change minds and win elections. We’ve been doing it since 2003, and we’re just getting started.

Our political program offers one of the most effective ways possible to win additional votes and move voters in races up and down the ballot, from governor and U.S. Senate to state legislature and city-wide races.

The ingredients of our work:

  1. Highly trained professional organizers hired from the communities where we work
  2. A body of more than 115 randomized clinical experiments
  3. Relationships with voters built from 15 years of continuous organizing in working-class neighborhoods across the country

Our work pushes candidates over the margins to victory. This year, there is so much on the line for working people — for progressives, women, retirees, those hoping to retire someday and so many more. The margin of victory in so many races will likely be within 2 percentage points, and every conversation that persuades someone to vote will matter. The election is almost here, and we can’t do this without you.

Join us now, and help push our electoral programs over the top. We already have the most effective field team in the country and practices steeped in analytics. Help bring victories home for all of us in November and beyond.