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12,900 Working America Members Voice Support for Overtime Rules


Members from coast to coast sound off to the Dept. of Labor

WASHINGTON, D.C. More than 12,900 Working America members submitted comments on Friday in support of the Department of Labor’s proposed changes to overtime regulations. These changes would increase the salary threshold used to determine overtime eligibility and thereby raise wages for millions of working people.

Members submitted the following comment in support:

“I’m voicing my support for restoring overtime protections and giving working people a pay raise.

Over the past 40 years, overtime protections have been eroded by inflation and weakened by previous administrations. As a result, far too many of America’s workers are being paid nothing for their overtime work.

Please support and strengthen the new overtime eligibility rules. We need to restore overtime protections that have been lost since 1975, and we need to index these protections to keep them from being eroded again in the future. The administration’s proposal is the least we can do.”

Additional comments submitted from Working America members to the Department of Labor include:

“Making an honest profit that doesn’t rely on exploitation of workers should be a cornerstone of American business.”

Amelia E.
Austin, TX

“Hard-working people can no longer be denied the right to a fulfilling life and family involvement for corporate greed. We need these overtime regulations because my father missed far too many moments with me due to worker exploitation, and no other child should experience this in the greatest nation in the world. That title comes with the expectation of providing the infrastructure upon which the dreams of its citizens can grow … and that starts with showing them their dreams matter enough to be protected from exhausting labor, back-breaking hours and poverty wages.”

Marissa G.
Youngstown, OH

“Many positive, motivating amenities have been taken from hard-working Americans over the past several decades. Please support this small measure to help the American workplace become the sustaining force that it once was.”

Lauri F.
St. Paul, MN

“The time has come for all Americans, especially middle-class Americans, to have a decent salary.”

Anita B.
Philadelphia, PA

“No increase since 1975?? Do you know how much the cost of living has increased in 40 years? Get real and DO this.”

Anna P.
Beaverton, OR

“Please consider that there are many Americans that have to work overtime to survive. Protect the rights and the money that these workers work hard for to feed their families.”

Alancia U.
Denver, CO

“Workers should not be abused by the jobs they depend on. Overtime pay should never be compromised!”

Kenneth J.
Hillsboro, OR

“Support and strengthen the overtime pay rules so lower-income workers have equal opportunity and are not exploited.”

Barbara T.
Columbus, OH



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