Press Release

Statement by Working America Executive Director Karen Nussbaum on Re-election of President Barack Obama


Working families across the nation, including our 3 million members, celebrate President Barack Obama’s victory last night and the countless other candidates and ballot measure victories in places like Massachusetts, New Mexico, Ohio and Virginia that will move working Americans forward.

The issues our members care most about—jobs, education, Medicare—are the issues that won these elections across the country. Actions spoke louder than words. Obama’s rescue of the auto industry and millions of jobs prevailed over Romney’s record at Bain Capital; Elizabeth Warren’s record as the “sheriff of Wall Street” was more important than Scott Brown’s claims of bipartisanship; Sherrod Brown’s lifetime of siding with working people swamped Josh Mandel’s support of the Ryan budget. A measure to increase the minimum wage for the people of Albuquerque won resounding support over corporate campaigns to defeat it.

In these and other key battleground areas, Working America reached 3 million swing, undecided, low-turnout and leaning voters—1.5 million through direct contact and 1.5 million through voter-to-voter contact.

Two-thirds of Working America members—largely working-class moderate and conservatives—voted for President Obama. Nearly three-quarters voted for our endorsed Senate candidates, such as Sherrod Brown, Tim Kaine and Elizabeth Warren.

Today, we will take the electoral gains we made and the vast relief we feel—and we will build, organize and continue the fight for good jobs, a just economy and a new opportunity to hold our leaders—new and old—accountable.

It’s up to us to make our lawmakers listen to us. This is a daily, year-round task. And it starts right now.



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