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Working America Launches New Features on


Today, Working America unveils the newest edition of, a tool to help workers in real time find solutions and specialized guidance for common workplace problems. Among the new features is a “Live Organizer Chat” that can provide instant communication with an organizer.

“Whether it’s a bad boss, low pay, health hazards, oppressive schedules or worse, problems at work can be solved, and we are excited to see where this next ambitious iteration of takes us,” said Working America Organizing Director David Wehde. “We are especially excited to incorporate the live chat with an organizer, as well as the know-how of users and allies who have been using the site for the last year.”

Recently, Working America has begun reaching out to retail workers—who are particularly challenged by cut hours and benefits and indiscriminate scheduling. Combined with on-the-ground outreach, is an online presence providing a place for retail and other workers to address these issues. “We want to create a fertile environment for workers to self-organize in whatever forms they find natural and effective.”

The site, created in 2013, is a collaboration of Working America and the AFL-CIO Organizing Department. It includes resources from workplace experts and advanced, step-by-step instruction, tasks and tactics.


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