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Working America members in Ohio push back against cuts to key services


Sen. Rob Portman voted for a federal tax law that gives massive tax breaks to millionaires and wealthy corporations.

Now, Republican leaders are threatening drastic cuts to key services to pay for these tax cuts. One federal program that would be slashed is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) — known as food stamps.

Working America members wanted to show exactly how meager these food supplies would be for families who depend on SNAP for food.

The proposal to cut SNAP involves replacing cash benefits with pre-assembled packages of food items.

Over 50 Working America members participated in the #TheseCutsHurt campaign. By photographing themselves with boxes of food, Working America members highlighted the fact that food boxes would be paltry and inadequate compared to traditional SNAP benefits.

Jennifer, a retired teacher from Grandview, Ohio, participated in the campaign out of concern for her former students, who would suffer from cuts to SNAP.

Judy, from Grove City, took part in the campaign because she feels that the food box proposal is “demeaning to those recipients who would be unable to make their own food choices.”

This time last year, SNAP provided healthy food for 714,319 households in Ohio, including children, seniors and working people who are struggling to get by on low incomes.

Working America has also collected thousands of petition signatures in opposition to cuts to SNAP. On May 30, we’ll be holding a rally outside Sen. Portman’s office to deliver our petitions and drive home the message that cuts to vital programs like SNAP are unacceptable.



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