Unemployment Benefits Social Media Tool Kits (2020) | Working America

Unemployment Benefits Social Media Tool Kits (2020)

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Working in collaboration with the National Employment Law Project (NELP), the Working America Education Fund is addressing the long-standing problem of eligible workers, Black workers especially, not accessing Unemployment Insurance (UI). 

We are experiencing an unprecedented public health and economic crisis. Safety net programs like Unemployment Insurance exist to help us through tough times like this, yet not enough was done to inform impacted and vulnerable workers of federal expansions to the state UI Systems that covered more workers. As a result, the percentage of eligible workers applying for unemployment is at a historic low when people need it the most. 

What can we do? We can help inform people about their rights within the Unemployment Insurance System. These toolkits were created to streamline community digital advocacy for Unemployment Insurance, regardless of your familiarity with the UI system. You can find the link to your state’s tool kit below!