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How we persuaded 105,000 people to observe social distancing


Working America’s newest report highlights the promising effects of our new Covid-19 communications program. Because of our outreach, we’ve persuaded 105,000 people to practice social distancing behaviors such as canceling social gatherings and postponing elective medical treatments. We’ve also convinced another 312,000 people to wear facemasks.

The map below shows where we had the greatest impact.

How did we have such a large impact on public health? 

We surveyed several thousand voters in mid‐March to identify which populations were least concerned about Covid‐19. Then we scaled these findings and contacted nearly three million individuals via email, text messaging and live calls in late March and early April.

How do we know? 

Afterward, we re‐surveyed both those who got our contact (treatment group) and those who did not (control group).

What’s next?

While the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent economic crisis will dominate our daily lives, we need to keep an eye toward the general election. Working America is applying pressure on elected officials to resolve these twin tragedies and calling out those who are instead fueling these crises. Read the rest of the report here.


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