Press Release

Banding Together Pays off For Working People in 2015


WASHINGTON, D.C. – In recognition of the observance of the upcoming Labor Day holiday,Working America Executive Director Karen Nussbaum issued the following statement:

“When we go door to door in neighborhoods coast to coast, working-class people tell us they’re tired of being on the short end of the economic stick—and they’re increasingly ready to stand with their neighbors to put our economy and our democracy back in balance.

“Motivated by the prospect of good jobs and a better way of life, working people are joining Working America and they’re seeing results. This year, as the media showed low-wage workers battling for, and winning, fights for raising wages, we saw some encouraging victories that demonstrate what can happen when working people band together.

  • In North Carolina, our members pulled together a coalition of labor and community groups and set the stage for the first big $15/hour win in the South.
  • In Minnesota, our members helped launch #MPLSWorks, a citywide campaign urging the Minneapolis City Council to adopt a legislative package of workplace protections that includes fair scheduling policies, paid sick leave and increased protections from wage theft.
  • In Missouri, West Virginia and New Mexico, working men and women, many in conservative neighborhoods, saw through the bluster of right-wing ideologues and drafted thousands of handwritten letters to their legislators to fight anti-worker attacks.
  • In Ohio, Oregon and Pennsylvania, our ground teams have educated communities and urged legislators to increase the minimum wage.
  • In Minnesota, New Mexico, Washington and Oregon, working people said no to choosing between working sick or staying home without pay, and in response joined with allies to push paid sick days legislation.“Every night, Working America organizers are out talking with thousands of working people at their doors, educating citizens and mobilizing our members to work together to make a difference in their own communities. This Labor Day, let’s celebrate the power of collective action that has paved the way for our progress—past, present and future.”


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