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Upcoming Changes to Bus Routes to Negatively Impact Greensboro Riders


GREENSBORO, N.C. ─ North Carolina working families and community advocates are expressing serious concerns about changes to the Greensboro Transit Authority (GTA) public bus routes, set to take effect Monday, Aug. 5. Low-income Greensboro residents who live farther away from downtown and whose livelihood depends on GTA public buses will be disportionately affected by these changes. Without holding a promised public comment period in the City Council chambers, City Council members approved combining routes 4 and 13. The merged route will lose two buses and will mostly offer one-way service ─ creating longer commutes for its riders.

“These changes are stripping access to jobs and recreation for Greensboro citizens who need this service the most,” said Catherine Walton-Ward, North Carolina State Director for Working America. “The City Council should go back to the drawing board and make sure changes to the bus system are more holistic and fair for everyone.”

This isn’t the first time riders have voiced their concerns about the GTA bus system. In a 2018 poll, Working America surveyed 200 riders and discovered frustration about insufficient service hours and the lack of connector routes and shelters at bus stops. The changes to routes of 4 and 13 will make these riders’ lives even harder.

“Why take buses that we need in order to make another route faster?” asked Irene Wilson, a GTA bus rider. “City Council, please give us our buses back.”

“Mobility is essential to good jobs, housing and health care,” said Joyce Johnson, co-executive director of the Beloved Community Center. “In Greensboro, we have to do better.”

To voice concerns about these unilateral changes, local community groups will hold a press conference at 5 p.m. ET Thursday, Aug. 1 at Governmental Plaza. More details are included below.

WHAT:    Make Bus Route Changes Equitable Press Event

WHO:      Working America members and representatives of coalition partners 

       Confirmed speakers include:

  • Joyce Johnson, co-executive director of Beloved Community Center

  • Stephanie McDonald, organizer for Working America

  • Irene Wilson, GTA bus rider

  • Bertram Montgomery,  a Working America Member and concerned citizen in affected area

WHERE:   Governmental Plaza

                       110 S Greene Street, Greensboro, NC 27401

WHEN:     5 p.m. EDT 

WHY:       The City Council made changes to Greensboro’s bus system, and low-income riders on routes 4 and 13 will be adversely impacted by these changes. North Carolina working families, community advocates and Working America members are calling on the City Council to hold off on implementing these changes until they hold a public comment period in council chambers.



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