Press Release

Conor Lamb Will Fight for us in Congress


Working America has endorsed Conor Lamb because he stands with Pennsylvania’s working families and will fight for them in Washington. He’ll fight to make health care more affordable and fight against any efforts to cut or roll back Medicare or Social Security benefits that we’ve earned.

We’ve talked to voters across the region and we know these issues matter. That’s why we’re supporting Conor Lamb on Tuesday, March 13. Will you join us?

“My Social Security went up 3 percent this year but my Medicare cost went up 5 percent!”


Social Security and Medicare

Social Security is under attack from the right-wing. Conor Lamb has pledged to oppose efforts to cut or roll back Social Security and Medicare benefits. Rick Saccone has said that programs like Medicare and Social Security are “obviously” in need of reform. He supports Paul Ryan’s agenda of tax breaks for the wealthy and spending cuts on programs for our senior citizens.

Conor Lamb is the only candidate who will defend the benefits we’ve worked hard to earn.

Health Care

Conor Lamb believes that every American has a right to affordable health insurance. He supports bipartisan solutions to make health care more affordable and accessible by reducing premiums, out-of-pocket costs, and prescription drug prices. No one should have to worry about being “one ER visit away from losing everything,” like voter Linda recently told us she feared.

Election Information

Polls are open Tuesday, March 13 from 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Know where to vote? Find your polling place here.



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