Press Release

Local community groups urge action on Medicaid expansion


On Thursday, members and organizers from Working America, Beloved Community Center, North Carolina AIDS Action Network and Progress NC will gather in Greensboro to call for a swift expansion of Medicaid to help the thousands of North Carolinians who don’t have access to healthcare.

Following months of community conversations promoting Medicaid expansion, the coalition is coming together to host an event in support of Medicaid expansion that includes the presentation of an open letter signed by more than a dozen area community groups and the delivery of thousands of petitions at a Lobby Day at the Capitol in Raleigh on Tuesday, March 24.

“We are losing a lot of jobs and a lot of money all because Gov. McCrory won’t expand Medicaid,” said Working America member Sara White. “Hundreds of thousands of working North Carolinians call on Gov. McCrory and state lawmakers to end this harmful delay now.”

“Every year that our state fails to expand Medicaid, more than one thousand North Carolinians die unnecessarily,” said Claire Hermann of the North Carolina AIDS Action Network. “Countless others leave illnesses untreated and undiagnosed. Our leaders must stop playing politics with the lives of their constituents.”

Guilford County includes an estimated 79,000 residents under the age of 65 with no form of health insurance, according to the Guildford County Health Department.

WHAT: Pre-Lobby Day Press Conference on Medicaid

WHO: Members, organizers from Working America, representatives of Beloved Community Center, North Carolina AIDS Action Network, Progress NC

WHEN: 11 a.m. EDT

WHERE: 300 South Westgate Drive, Greensboro



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