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Minnesotans Celebrate Massive Victories for Working People Across State


Working America organizers are celebrating victories in 26 of the 29 legislative races they worked on this fall. Organizers had 50,000 on-the-ground, face-to-face conversations that helped win control of the state house and senate back from lawmakers who pushed anti-worker, vote suppressing and discriminatory agendas.

“In most of these districts, our professional, year-round canvass had tens of thousands of targeted, persuasion conversations with working-class moderates and conservatives about issues they care about—good jobs, affordable healthcare, quality education, retirement security and corporate accountability. They helped make this happen,” said Working America State Director Brianna Halverson. “It is a profound victory for the state of Minnesota and it will help us move a progressive, worker-friendly agenda in January.” Working America has 270,000 members in Minnesota.

Other candidates who won Tuesday: Representative-elect Zach Dorholt (14B) and State Senators-elect Matt Schmitt (21) and Alice Johnson (37). All three defeated incumbents who pushed a radical anti-worker agenda in 2012.

“People were frustrated with gridlock, partisanship and extremism,” said Working America Regional Director David Wehde. “And for the most part, nobody knew who the candidates were or who would stand up for them. Working America organizers were there to connect their issue priorities to the right candidates. Today, we have a pro-worker majority set to lead at the state legislature.”

Along with Gov. Mark Dayton and Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken, this new state legislature will be a great team to revive Minnesota’s investments in manufacturing and new energy.

What Working America did:

  • Working America organized in the following districts: 5, 4, 4A, 14, 14B, 17, 17B, 20, 21, 24, 24B, 27A, 36, 36A, 36B, 37, 42, 42A, 48, 48A, 49, 49A, 49B, 51, 51A, 51B, 53, 56B and 57.
  • We are glad that the following state senators and state representatives will be representing working families in the 2013 legislature: Sen. Tom Saxhaug (5), Sen.-elect Kent Eken (4), Rep.-elect Ben Lien (4A), Rep.-elect Zachary Dorholt (14B), Sen.-elect Lyle Koenen (17), Rep.-elect Mary Sawatzky (17B), Sen.-elect Kevin Dahle (20), Sen.-elect Matt Schmit (21), Sen.-elect Vicki Jensen (24), Rep. Patti Fritz (24B), Rep.-elect Shannon Savick (27A), Sen.-elect John Hoffman (36), Rep.-elect Melissa Hortman (36B), Sen.-elect Alice Johnson (37), Sen.-elect Bev Scalze (42), Rep.-elect Barb Yarusso (42A), Rep.-elect Yvonne Selcer (48A), Sen.-elect Melisa Franzen (49), Rep.-elect Ron Erhardt (49A), Rep.-elect Paul Rosenthal (49B), Sen.-elect Jim Carlson (51), Rep.-elect Sandra Masin (51A), Rep.-elect Laurie Halverson (51B), Sen.-elect Susan Kent (53), Rep.-elect Will Morgan (56B) and Sen.-elect Greg Clausen (57).
  • Working America organizers had nearly 50,000 face-to-face conversations with swing, undecided and leaning voters in counties throughout our state.
  • Working America members met at debate-watch parties, community action team meetings, postcard parties, phone banks, door-knocks and more.
  • Working America ran online communications through an e-mail program, online advertisements, social media and text messaging.
  • Working America ran a state-of-the-art email program customizing messages to members based on issue interest, demographics, industry and more.


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