Press Release

Statement by Working America State Director Bree Halverson on Mayor Hodges’ State of the City Address, Support for Fair Scheduling


“We applaud Mayor Betsy Hodges’ plan to advance a working families agenda in Minneapolis that will address key issues facing workers, including unpredictable scheduling for hourly employees.

“Work has become more and more precarious. People tell us stories of an eight-hour week followed by a 30-hour week followed by a one-hour week. Unpredictable schedules make economic mobility and a healthy quality of life for hourly workers virtually impossible. The mayor’s support for a working-families’ agenda will help bring our city’s workplaces into the 21st century.

“Enacting economic policies that ensure working people have fair, predictable hours will be central to creating a healthy, vibrant city. Working America looks forward to working with Minneapolis leaders to build a strong economy that works for all working families.”



Current “just-in-time” scheduling practices leave workers, particularly women and people of color, scrambling to piece together the nearly impossible task of a work-life schedule.

Recently, researchers from the University of Chicago recently found 41 percent of hourly workers learn their schedules less than a week in advance while half of hourly workers have no control over their schedules at all.



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