Press Release

Statement by Working America on today’s court decision overturning voter suppression law


We applaud today’s decision to overturn the extremist and partisan voter suppression law pushed by Gov. Tom Corbett and his allies in the legislature.

The law threatened the constitutional right of Pennsylvanians to vote, and it disproportionately targeted the elderly, students and communities of color.

“Today’s decision is a victory for working families in Pennsylvania,” said Catherine Balsamo, Senior Member Coordinator with Working America. “Folks deserve the right to advocate for themselves and their communities, and the right to vote provides that essential voice. In 2012, Working America members raised community awareness about the law to help everyday Americans know what they’d need to do to keep their right to vote.  Between our media presence, fliering, conversations with community members and more, Working America reached an estimated 642,000 people with information about what they’d need to vote.”

Added Working America member Benita Campbell: “It’s another feather in Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s hat, because it’s a continuation of our collective struggle.  It’s a wonderful way to honor him this Monday. I hope that all the people who got involved in small ways and large ways learned that their contributions mattered and that we all won. If this ruling is upheld, we all win.” Campbell was a part of Working America’s effort to educate Pennsylvanians about what they’d need to do to retain their right to vote.

Working America has 500,000 members in Pennsylvania.



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