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Who is on your side? Sherrod Brown or Jim Renacci


Access to Affordable Health Care

Sherrod Brown understands that millions of Ohioans have benefited from the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion. Brown is committed to supporting the care we have while expanding access to quality, affordable health insurance. Further, Brown is committed to protecting seniors by protecting and expanding Medicare, defending the program from attacks and advocating to lower the eligibility age to55. (Dayton Daily News, 8/7/17)

Jim Renacci opposes Ohio’s Medicaid expansion, which has provided more than 700,000 Ohioans with quality health care coverage. In Congress, Renacci consistently voted to take health care away from Ohio families, including the 2017 American Health Care Act, which would have threatened protections for pre-existing conditions like high blood pressure, taken away health care from more than 500,000 Ohioans and closed as many as one in four Ohio hospitals. (WOSU,3/28/18; Sandusky Register, 10/29/17; Vote 256, H.R. 1628, 5/4/17;Center for American Progress 5/25/17; Time, 5/4/17; Columbus BusinessFirst, 3/8/17; NPR 6/22/17)

Fighting for Ohio Jobs and Working Families

Sherrod Brown has long opposed trade deals that take jobs away from Ohio workers. Brown voted againstNAFTA, which, according to Public Citizen’s GlobalTrade Watch, eliminated 50,000 blue-collar jobs inOhio and was a vocal opponent of the Trans-PacificPartnership (TPP), calling it a corporate handout that was a sellout to workers. Brown is committed to closing loopholes that allow companies to offshore jobs and ending unfair tax breaks for Wall Street.(Columbus Dispatch, 3/26/18; The Plain Dealer, 9/10/17; ColumbusDispatch, 6/12/18; The Plain Dealer, 3/7/16; Sherrod Brown Op-Ed,USA Today, 10/31/16; Columbus Dispatch, 6/12/18)

In Congress, Jim Renacci voted twice to fast track the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement(TPP) and voted for a trade deal with South Korea that cost 60,000 American jobs. Renacci voted and was a cheerleader for a tax bill that benefits the wealthiest Americans and corporations at the expense of working families. (Vote 783, H.R. 3080, 10/12/11;CBS News, 5/5/18; Economic Policy Institute, 3/14/14)



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