Press Release

Working America Applauds Vote to Raise Minnesota Minimum Wage to $9.50


Working America today applauds the passage of legislation to raise Minnesota’s minimum wage to $9.50 by 2016 that ties wages to cost of living adjustments. The bill also raises the minimum for tipped workers; there is no tip penalty in Minnesota. The bill will now go to Gov. Mark Dayton for his signature.

“This is a victory for more than 350,000 working Minnesotans—one that will lift up families, business and communities all over the state,” said Working America State Director Bree Halverson. We applaud all the working people in Minnesota and the tireless efforts of the coalition of labor, faith and community organizations that helped make this happen.”

Since, June 1, 2013, Working America organizers have gone door to door throughout Minnesota talking about the minimum wage and mobilized them to take action. The overwhelming majority of Minnesotans want to see the wage raised.

Earlier this year, five Minnesota lawmakers took part in the “Working America Minimum Wage Challenge” intended to shine a light on the economic struggle 1.7 million people face today across the nation.

“At $6.15, Minnesota has had among the lowest minimum wages in the country,” Halverson said. “We will keep fighting for the working people in Minnesota, and this is victory is one important step in the right direction.”



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