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Working America Calls On President Obama To Swing for the Fences


Washington, DC – Working America Executive Director Karen Nussbaum released the following statement today in advance of President Barack Obama’s Thursday Jobs Speech Below the statement are quotes from Working America members.

President Obama has a chance tomorrow night to stand firmly with the people of this country – including our millions of Working America members, who are among the 26 million people struggling to find full-time work and the tens of millions more barely keeping their heads above financial water. The stakes are high, and tomorrow night, our members hope to be inspired by his vision; they hope he swings for the fences.

Working America members call on President Obama to step forward with a plan to put America back to work in sustained and substantive ways – ways that do not coddle those who take advantage of corporate tax loopholes to outsource jobs. Ways that rebuild America’s schools, transportation and energy systems rather than attack workers who would do that honorable work. Ways that revive U.S. manufacturing and put the brand name “America” back on labels. Ways that help state and local governments avoid more public service cuts and layoffs that devastate communities.

Working America members call on President Obama to reform Wall Street, which has been set free by bailouts that effectively use the American worker as their personal ATM machines.

Working America members call on President Obama to put forth a proposal similar to Rep. George Miller’s “Local Jobs for America Act” or Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s “Emergency Jobs to Restore the American Dream Act” – jobs that pay competitive wages and target distressed communities.

We need a plan at least at the scale of the crisis we face. Our 3 million members live at the heart of this crisis. They do not want a small, throwaway proposal. They want bold vision and leadership that puts America back to work.

Quotes from Working America members:

“Let’s put a fire under government officials.” William B., Pennsylvania

“Bring back outsourced jobs to America. Start building up America’s infrastructure, roads, bridges, tunnels, etc. Bring manufacturing jobs back to America. Let’s start making things again.” Michael S. New Jersey

“Put a penalty tax on uninvested corporate profits. I can dream!” Richard C., Pennsylvania.

“I want better paid teachers with better benefits.” Stacey B., Ohio

“Tell him to stick to his guns and do what is right regardless of the polls,” John S., Maine

“I am a vet. Deployed two times. I am unemployed 3 years now. Why?” William C., Ohio

“Protect the social contract with the elderly and disabled. [We need] public works programs to fix infrastructure.” Becky S., Minnesota.

“I want President Obama and his administration to stand strong on whatever they propose. Stop giving into the Republicans and Democrats and listen to the people.” Anonymous, New Mexico



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