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Working America Celebrates Elizabeth Warren Victory in Massachusetts


Working America members and organizers are celebrating Elizabeth Warren’s Tuesday election—a stunning victory for working people in Massachusetts and across the nation.

“People voted for Elizabeth Warren because they understood she will be a relentless fighter for working people,” said Working America State Director Kim McMurray. “It’s a new day in Massachusetts.”

Out of two offices in Worcester and Boston, Working America organizers focused their work in 16 working-class cities and towns—all of which went for Brown in 2010—going door to door talking to working-class moderates and conservatives about why Warren represented the best choice for working families.

After Working America’s effort, voters in half of those working-class enclaves, such as those in Quincy, Danvers, Waltham and Swampscott, flipped to supporting Warren over Brown and helped secure her margin of victory.

“So many people talked about Brown’s ‘likeability’ that few knew about his record on working family issues,” said Working America Field Director Bethany Winkels. “They were grateful for the information we gave them about both candidates.”

Organizers talked to voters about Warren’s economic plan to create jobs by rebuilding Massachusetts’ infrastructure, including highways and schools, as well as her opposition to cuts in Medicare and Social Security. Warren’s record was in strong contrast to Sen. Brown’s votes opposing three jobs bills and his willingness to cut Medicare and Social Security to preserve tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of taxpayers.

What Working America did:

  • Organizers knocked on 150,000 doors and had 40,000 face-to-face conversations with swing, undecided and leaning voters.
  • In Quincy, organizers hosted community action team meetings with member activists to discuss the candidates and mobilize their friends and family to vote.
  • Sent three targeted mailings to Massachusetts voters outlining Scott Brown’s record on jobs, Medicare and tax fairness.
  • Working America ran a state-of-the-art email program customizing messages to members based on issue interest, demographics, industry and more.


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