Press Release

Working America Colorado Congratulates President Obama, Rep. Ed Perlmutter for Tuesday’s Victory


Members and organizers of Working America today celebrate the victories of President Barack Obama, Rep. Ed Perlmutter and two new commissioners in Adams County.

“We talked to thousands of our members throughout the year about jobs, the economy, corporate accountability, health care and more. People in Colorado have felt the effects of this economy, and they listened,” said Working America Regional Director Kevin Pape.

“These candidates won because the working people of Colorado saw a big difference between them and the directions their opponents wanted to take our state.”

Working America organizers reached out to members all around Colorado to talk about the candidates’ records—such as Perlmutter’s votes against Paul Ryan’s Medicare/Social Security-destroying budget plan, his support of the jobs-saving auto industry bailout, his support of the historic Affordable Care Act and other measures to help working families. The contrast between Perlmutter and Joe Coors, who supported the Paul Ryan budget, opposed policies to build Colorado infrastructure—and therefore jobs—and who wanted to give millionaires more tax cuts couldn’t have been more stark.

As part of our CanvassPlus work, Working America also contacted 30,000 of our members to encourage them to check their voter registration status and push them to register for “permanent vote by mail” because of the ethically questionable actions of partisan Secretary of State Scott Gessler, who is now under an investigation. Member response was overwhelmingly positive, and we mobilized the vote on a massive scale.

What Working America did:

  • Working America organizers had more than 10,000 targeted, persuasion conversations with swing, undecided and leaning voters in places like Adams, Arapahoe and Jefferson counties.
  • Working America hosted community action team meetings, young worker meetings, postcard parties and debate-watch parties to engage members and mobilize the vote.
  • Working America ran online communications through an e-mail program, online advertisements, social media and text messaging.
  • Working America ran a state-of-the-art e-mail program customizing messages to members based on issue interest, demographics, industry and more.


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