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Working America to Wall Street : Can You Hear Us Now?


In 2009-2010, with working people trapped in the worst economic meltdown since the Great Depression, Working America swung into action to hold Wall Street and the banking industry accountable for their greed and recklessness.

Our “Final Notice” campaign invited members to put banks on notice that shameless behavior would no longer be tolerated. Members sent more than 140,000 faxes to the big banks and senators. Within just a few days, Bank of America called us to get the deluge to stop, and Wells Fargo even started sending our faxes back to us!

Our “Not Your ATM” campaign kicked off with 15 events at banks across the country, where members delivered a powerful message, captured on camera: “We Are Not Your ATM!” Ten thousand members sent personal letters demanding finance reform, and more than 100,000 members attended tele-town hall meetings via phone, during which experts answered questions and outlined next steps. The campaign moved online with photos and ways to take action.



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