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Working People Win in Washington

Heather Hardin


Working people showed up in Washington on Tuesday.

In two big races, working people made their voices heard and elected Manka Dhingra to the state senate in District 45 and Teresa Mosqueda to Seattle City Council, At-Large Position 8.

On the Eastside, Manka Dhingra won the open senate seat and, with it, Democratic control of the state senate. It can’t be understated what a big deal this is for all of us who live in Washington. The win means that we can hope for continued progress with issues like higher wages, access to health care and strong investments in our roads, bridges and public schools.

Manka Dhingra

In Seattle, we saw even more victories. We’re especially proud to have been a part of electing Teresa Mosqueda to the Seattle City Council. Working America has known and worked with Teresa for years to further workers’ rights across the state. Teresa is the type of leader we need more of in politics. She’s right on the issues and knows how to get things done.

Teresa will work with leaders in Seattle to tackle the housing crisis and push policies that will make housing more affordable and accessible to everyone who needs it.

Working America has had a footprint in Washington for years, and we look forward to working toward progress with both Manka Dhingra and Teresa Mosqueda when they take office.

Our victories weren’t just in Washington last night, though. Working America reached out to swing voters in other parts of the country like Roanoke, Virginia, where we dug in deep in the heart of Trump country, where Donald Trump won by nearly 20 points, and had conversations and listed to voters. Doing that, we found common ground to move voters in our direction and helped increase support for Democrats in the region.

Waking up after the 2016 election was tough, but what we’re seeing now is that when we come together, have more conversations with our neighbors and turn out, we can make a difference. After all, there are a lot more people like us than there are millionaires and billionaires who push right-wing policies that rig the economy.

Let’s keep working together to make Washington and our nation an even better place for all working people.


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